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We offer various tests including Hop Latent Viroid, Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, and more. Let us know which test(s) you need, costing only $35 per strain per test. We can work out something for multiple tests or more than 10 cultivars. Our focus is to provide quality testing efficiently and affordably.

  • Tissue Culture by Meristem* – $4000 per Cultivar: $2000 up front and $2000 when the genetic is returned to you clean and tested
    • *Meristem is the only for sure way to clean a specific cultivar if it has been contaminated with HLVd, Fusarium, Pythium, and or Rhizoctonia etc. The process of taking (clean) cells from the highest point of growth on the plant. This process can also be used for Genetic Rejuvenation. The cells taken will be used to grow a fresh and healthy clone of that specific cultivar (Meristem to Rooted clone is about a 6–9-month process, can be longer depending how sick/contaminated the genetica are.)
  • Tissue Culture by Leaf (Leaf Organogenesis)– $1500 per Cultivar
    Organogenesis is the formation of new organs, mainly, shoots. In culture, new axillary buds develop at the base of leaves giving rise to more shoots. Allows for quick multiplication
  • Tissue Culture by Node*– $1000 per Cultivar
    • *putting a node into Tissue Culture will not clean a cultivar if it is sick, but what Tissue Culture by node can be great for is, Sterile Genetic Storage 
  • Tissue Culture by Pistil Segments (Flower) – $1500 per Cultivar
    Tissue Culture by Pistil Segments is practically just a reveg in tissue culture. Things happen and backups get lost but that doesn’t have to mean the genetics are gone!
    (if the genetic is sick beforehand this won’t clean it, only Tissue Culture by Meristem will save that plant from Viroid, Viruses and any other Endophyte disturbing that plant.)

For the initial setup of a single Tissue Culture sterile storage service, the cost is $1000 per cultivar. If cleaning is required, please contact us. If you are unsure whether your cultivar carries a pathogen, we can test it prior to the sterile storage process per your request. After the initial tissue culture setup is completed, the cost for our sterile storage service is $3 per strain per day.

If you want your cultivars to undergo the TC process, be cleaned and stored sterile, we can provide more favorable pricing depending on the number of cultivars.”

Cost: $400 per Seed 10+ gives a discount rate of $200 Embryo Rescue is the process of carefully removing the shell coat of the seed without damaging the embryo, once the seed coat is removed and the embryo intact, it can be placed in TC media to germinate. This service is great if you have old seeds that are worth a lot and/or are very rare and you can’t get to germinate on your own.
  • $500 for Process per Cultivar + $25 a Month for storage. Prepaid per year service we will provide you with a discounted rate.

Synthetic seeds are artificially encapsulated plant propagation material. This material could be somatic embryos, shoot buds, cell aggregates, or any other tissue that we can use as a seed for propagation.

The Synthetic seed process primarily involve encapsulating somatic embryos in a protective coating and then storing them in a fridge. Genetics can stay in that state for over a year and is the best option for storage lasting over a year.

Tissue Cultured Genetics: Prices vary depending on the cultivar. If you’re purchasing multiple cultivars, you’ll get a price cut. Please feel free to contact us to see the entire cultivar list.

Bulk Tissue Culture Clones: We charge between $25 and $50 per clone, usually depending on the size of the order. Keep in mind that the clones you receive are directly from zero-generation tissue culture explants.

Gender Testing (Male/Female) (Differentiating DNA/RNA):

  • Price per test: $25. This can be a helpful tool while breeding and phenohunting, saving time, labor, and headaches.

Are you interested in tissue culture consulting? We offer meet-ups where you can ask questions about the tissue culture process for just $100. But, we have great news! If you use our tissue culture consulting services, there will be no cost for these meet-ups. We believe in the importance of supporting our clients throughout the entire process, and that includes answering your questions every step of the way.

On top of that, we offer a comprehensive package for those looking to start their own lab. This package includes everything you need, including formulas, SOPs, equipment lists, and more. With this package, you’ll be fully equipped to start your own tissue culture lab. The cost for this package is $6000, but it’s a small price to pay for all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Contact us for more information on how we can support you in your tissue culture journey.

Davos Genetic Preservation is a well-established and reputable company known for providing exceptional tissue culture services for cannabis. With extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we take great pride in delivering superior quality in every aspect of our practice, and tailoring individualized solutions to meet the demands of our clients. Our comprehensive range of services caters to large-scale as well as smaller producers, offering a variety of high-volume tissue culture services including testing, cleaning, cloning, storage, among others. We work collaboratively with our clients to set and achieve industry-leading standards, ensuring optimal results from their cannabis plants. Our highly qualified team and unwavering commitment to quality guarantee reliable and professional solutions that foster and advance their business expansion.


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