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Here at Davos Genetic Preservation we are a family-owned Tissue Culture Lab in Oklahoma City. Our company collaborates extensively with leading breeders, cultivation operators, and farmers to offer you top-of-the-line technology and genetic products currently available in the market.

Our organization was established in 2022 with a steadfast commitment to botanical science. We prioritize the preservation, protection, rejuvenation, and remediation of cannabis cultivars as we recognize their paramount importance in the industry. Genetic health and the accurate detection of viroids and other damaging conditions are integral to our operations and cannabis plant preservation. Our aim is to establish long-standing client relationships through measures that lead to substantial cost savings. Tissue culture technology is the future of the cannabis industry, providing a reliable means of achieving product consistency essential to staying ahead of the competition. By delivering exceptional services that cater to our clients’ unique needs, we foster trust and outstanding outcomes.

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Genetic Bank

The act of reserving cultivars is a scientifically recognized and beneficial practice in the preservation of genetic diversity in plants and ensuring access to desirable varieties. In addition to promoting agricultural sustainability, the timely conservation of cultivars can serve as a fundamental source for breeding materials that can enhance crop characteristics and increase the effectiveness of breeding programs.


Our company offers premium cannabis tissue culture services with top-notch equipment and a highly skilled team, ensuring healthy and disease-free cannabis plants. We strive for excellence and tailor our services to meet each client's specific needs, setting new industry standards.

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Pricing & Bundles

Perfect solution for any business!


Hop Latent Viroid Testing
$ 35
  • We can also test for the following
  • - HLVd, Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia


Clean & Aquire
$ 5000
  • + 2 Genetics cleaned up by Meristem
  • + Pick 2 TC Genetics from our list

Storage & Testing

For large companies
$ 2500
  • + 4 Cultivars in Sterile Genetic Storage for 6 mths
  • + 10 Tests (HLVd, Fusarium, Pythium Ect.)

Cat Seven

Founding Member of GG

“I am grateful for the services provided by Davis and his team to preserve my cultivars and ensure their safety in the fast-paced and rapidly expanding cannabis industry. As someone with a personal connection to the industry, the reassurance of having access to this preservation service has been invaluable. I appreciate the dedication and expertise of Davis and his team in providing me with this peace of mind. Thank you for your excellent work.”

Why tissue culture?

Reserving cultivars is a recognized and beneficial practice to preserve genetic diversity in plants and ensure availability of desired varieties. The timely conservation contributes to agricultural sustainability and cultivars can also serve as a vital source for breeding material to improve crop traits, enhancing the efficiency of breeding programs and facilitating long-term utilization of genetic resources.



We want you to know that keeping backups of your favorite cultivars will ensure the safety of your investment.

Disease Removal

Ensure your genetics are clean for future crops and breeding projects by isolating and removing diseases.


Keep Your Process

We want to assure you that Tissue Culture is a supplementary method that complements your traditional cloning and other processes.

Healther Clones & Plants

Revitalize your exhausted cultivars with a genetic reset, which will produce bigger, healthier, highest quality harvests.

More Space

You can expand your growing or production facility by freeing up space in the mother-room.

Piece of Mind

All of these will help streamline your overall process and reduce stress, resulting in increased productivity. "Less worry, more production."

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